Audio & Video Cables

Audio & Video cable products from Umateck including 3.5mm stereo cables, RCA cable, TV cables and Toslik cables. We offer a good solutions for analog and digital audio/video signals and optical audio. Our products are in high grade too meet or exceed your limitations of audio/video signal distribution.


audio video cables
3.5mm stereo cable

3.5mm Stereo Cable                         3.5mm stereo cable with different level, 3.5mm extension cables, 3.5mm to 1/2/3 RCA cables, 3.5mm splitter adaptors, AUX audio cables, angled type..etc


RCA Cables                                            Subwoofer cable, 2 RCA home theater audio cable, 3 RCA audio cables,  5rca YPbPr+audio cable…etc


TV cable                                                    Digital HDTV cable, Coaxial TV satellite antenna cable, angled TV cable, connect your radio frequency socket, top set box or TV card panel.


Toslink Cable                                          Fiber optical audion cable, Toslink cable, high quality toslink cable with nylon mesh, ultra slim toslink cable…etc