HDMI Cables, Adaptors, Converters and Devices

HDMI is a very popular interface for most consumer electronics today, The HDMI signal carries digital audio and video at resolutions up to 4k*2k@60Hz  just by one single cable, and it is the digital replacement for analog video standards, Umateck offer full range of HDMI products including HDMI cables, converters, adaptors and devices.

hdmi cables

HDMI Cables                                          High speed HDMI cable with ethernet in length up to 10 meter, HDMI extension cable,  HDMI angled cable, HDMI rotatable cable, HDMI premium cable

active hdmi cable

Active HDMI Cables                          HDMI active cable with REDMERE active amplification up to 20 meter support 4k* 2k, up to 50 meter support 1080p, Ultra slim active HDMI cable up to 20meter support 1080p

hdmi mini micro automotive

HDMI Mini, Micro, Automotive Cable  Mini HDMI type C connector, Micro HDMI type D connector, Automotive HDMI type E connector for car HD audio video system

ultra slim hdmi

Ultra slim HDMI cable                    36awg, 34awg ultra slim HDMI with 3.8  mm or 7.2*1.8 mm outter diameter, round & flat version, plastic & ABS & zinc alloy plug options

hdmi to vga converter

HDMI to VGA Converter                   HDMI / Mini HDMI /Micro HDMI to VGA converter and adaptors with audio & power and without.

hdmi to dvi

HDMI to DVI                                        HDMI to DVI -D single link & Dual like cables

active hdmi cable

HDMI Panel-Mount Cable            Highest grade of HDMI wall-mounting cables with screw #4-40 or M3, round version and flat version

hdmi devices

HDMI Devices                                    HDMI Splitter, Switch, Matrix, Extender, repeater and video converter…etc

hdmi adaptors

HDMI Adaptors                                    HDMI / Mini HDMI /Micro HDMI male to male, male to female, female to female adaptors.