Bulk Cables & Raw Cables

Umateck offer bulk cable, raw cables for installations, DIY cables. Products including LAN cable & Networking cables, Coaxial cables, Speaker cables, Telephone cables and HDMI cables in 24AWG or 26AWG,  all cables packed by PE films, paper wheel, wooden wheel, easy-pull box in 100 meters (328ft)or 305 meters (1000ft).


raw cable bulk cable

LAN Cable & Networking Cable     CAT7, CAT6A, CAT6, CAT5E ethernet cable, indoor & outdoor, CM, CMR, CMP level


Coxial Cables                                       RG59 / RG6 coxial video cable


Speaker Cable                                    Speaker cable in different size


Electrical cable                                           BV, BVR, RV, BVVB, RVV full range of standard, 1.5m², 2.5m², 4m², 6m², 10m² different size.


Telephone Cable                                           2 wire, 4 wire, 6 wire telephone cable, round & flat cable